Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Things that suck for Tuesday. And things that don't!

Things that suck:

*SNOW. #$^^$#$#@ I'm so over winter already. WHERE IS SPRING?!

*Self-doubt. I always second-guess my skills in those days right before a show. Shut up, lizard-brain. I don't need you.


*Grapefruit soap in the eyes during my shower. Ow.


Things that don't suck:

*Cucumber avocado smoked cheese sandwich

*This little weirdo:

Things to do today:

*That load of laundry I didn't do yesterday.

*Final touches on framing. Layout an ACEO panel. Finish the description tags, print and laminate them. (Need to get my laminator from the connex...)

*Baby! (I hear rustling...)


*Scoop catbox

*Scrub toilet

*Hang show

*Post something at Torn World.
Tags: daily, guppy, photos

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