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Mondaily with Guppy report and silly photo with fuzzy ears

14 months yesterday!

She eats like a champion, sleeps sometimes, stood up for the first time unassisted the Sunday before last and is on the brink of truly toddling, has a handful of signs (more-please, down, milk, here-take-this, book-read) that she uses reliably and a few words that are really CLOSE to real words (turtle? - tuhtuh, kitty - teetee, she pants when she sees the dog...), plus a dictionary of conversational sounds, and is generally more adorable by the day. I can give her a slice of bread now and she will eat it in bites rather than stuffing it all in her mouth at once. I've just started giving her yogurt in a cup with a spoon, and she is starting to get the idea of self-feeding with it, though it is an extremely messy process right now. I have video of it, but it is quite long. If I figure out how to fast-forward it, I may post it. We still nurse, but much less than before; mostly just for going down to sleep and for midnight snacks.

She loves to pack and unpack things, though the hurricane-hit look to the livingroom attests to the fact that she is far better at the unpacking than the packing. She loves to read and will sit and study her books by herself for long periods of time, then bring them to me with a particular, demanding 'EH!' that requires me to stop whatever I'm doing and read it to her NOW. We have one board book that flips sideways halfway through, and when I try to read it to her that way, she pulls it out of my hands, 'corrects' my orientation and demands I continue. She's getting more dexterous about turning the pages and lifting flaps and such. (Though I still wouldn't trust her with paper pages without supervision... we're missing a few pages of phonebook, as it is.)

With a few exceptions (most recently, Saturday night), she goes to bed willingly. We nurse and she lays down and I put her fluffy blanket over her. She pulls it up over her face, she kicks a few times, she pulls it down and watches me leave. Sometimes there is some mild crying that stops after a few moments. Sometimes we need to go up and lay her back down and remind her that it's time to sleep. Sometimes it takes a few reminders. And... sometimes we give up first. But mostly, she's good about sleeping! She usually takes a solid nap mid-afternoon, though sometimes it's two short ones instead of a long one.

We're wearing 'real' clothes now, not just pajamas... a little girl at toddler time last month gave me the third degree about 'why is your baby wearing pajamas? What color is your house? What color is her crib?' and I figured that it was finally time to put her in actual clothes. I usually have a little time before she strips off her socks and is barefoot... more if I give her socks to play with.

Last night, we graduated from our blow-up duck bath to a big purple tub with handles. She has room to stretch out her legs more and had a grand time splashing and rotating. She loves her baths - removing her from them has led to a short storm of tears lately.

Have a silly photo of a baby wearing fuzzy green ears:

Bear photos will have to follow - I tried a few and ran out of camera battery before I got a really good benchmark shot.

I've made bread and done one load of laundry - still another to fold. A snack is due, bills to pay,, and then some framing for the artshow I'm hanging tomorrow.

I forgot what a pain in the wallet doing art shows can be. I'm glad I had most of what I needed already! They sure do charge dearly for those damage-free hangers, and I'm grateful to the framer at Joanns that pointed out the 'floating frames' that were two pieces of 11x14 glass at half the price a single piece cost from the frame shop... even after their 50% off! (I had 2 11x14 frames with no glass, leftover from older shows.) I'm hopeful that I'll sell something... but honestly not all that optimistic. My best bet is going to be selling a few things at my table during first Friday. I've got stock of my books, coloring books, some stained-glass-framed mirrors, and an assortment of cards, prints and matted originals, plus a book of ACEO originals and prints.
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