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Wednesdaily, in which the baby understands more than she's letting on...

Monsterus Minimus loves watermelon. I mean, LOVES watermelon. If you make the mistake of feeding her that first, no other food will do, and she will shriek in outrage and throw it off her tray until you bring her more watermelon. So yesterday, knowing she cannot feast on watermelon alone, I told her 'Eat your cheese and I will give you more watermelon." She looked at me, narrowed her eyes, and began gobbling down the cheese cubes that she had been hurling off her highchair. Little minx. I had no idea she understood that much.

I also witnessed her rotating a book so that it was right-side-up for the first time today.

I got a little writing done this morning, and a little on Monday, so the next South Meets North installment is well underway. I have a short story up at Torn World today, Turned Back. This is available for sponsorship for $20, which will move it from supporters-only to public and list you as a patron. (buy now!) It's a look at Dareg, a ranger who has history with Fala, and his encounter with Birka on his way to Smokewater. Today's handbook article, Northern Body Language, is related: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/148984.html

Sketch Fest on Friday! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/
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