Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily - Hobbit thoughts, and two cute baby photos.

Laundry and bread done, dishes... not yet. I MUST take the dog for a good walk today, for both of our sakes. We went on quite a trek Friday, but did just a token walk on Saturday, and nothing at all on Sunday.

I did see the Hobbit on Sunday, and enjoyed it enormously, though it could have used someone to haul in the reins a little. (Rock giants with no plot purpose, doing the same tilty-rock-shelf-scary stuff that we saw in the LotR? Meh. It looked like robot fight movie stuff someone applied some fake rock veneer to and then went WILD with the crumbly, crushy CGI. Also, Jackson really LOVES his flight scenes across rickety catwalks, doesn't he...) LOVED Gollum. Loved the trolls. The setup stuff for LotR was an understandable addition. Radagast... eh. He was sort of adorable, but unnecessary. The rabbit-sled was too much stretch of the imagination for me. It just... rabbits don't... it doesn't work... just, NO. (Giant eagles, though? I was fine with that. Go figure.)

Have a cute baby photo. I think we could all use more cute baby photos on today of all days.

In fact, have two. But imagine lots of giggling with this one:
Tags: guppy, photos

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