Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Monsterus Minimus has been extra monster-y the past few days. I just put her back to bed at an unusually early time for a nap, but to my surprise, it's stuck, so she must be lacking in sleep. I know I am! Let's hope this is just a weirdo growth spurt; I thought babies were supposed to get better about sleeping at night, not worse.

No writing or artwork to report. I have gotten some editing done for Torn World, and I'm barely staying above water with admin-y tasks there. Still struggling with Amazon Payments hoping to do a Kickstarter. Resorted to calling them, waiting for an email in return.

Need to make bread today and mail taxes. Have already showered. Food now. Coherence someday.

She doesn't LOOK all that monster-y.
Tags: guppy, photos

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