Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I'm such an airhead. I was working on a letter to my artist-info list, and I'm not sure I sent it. I closed a bunch of windows, and I don't know if I sent it before I closed the window. And I wasn't on the list then, so I wouldn't have gotten a copy. Ugh. I'm such a dope. Any of you artists out there on the list? Did you get a note today about new submission methods?

*feels foolish*

On the other hand, the new submission method ROCKS. I even dabbled in customizing the cgi files and got the forms to tell you what to do and re-organized the main menu so that the buttons an artist would actually need were up there on top. Thank you, thank you to all my guinea pigs. I'll try to drop you personal thank you notes later today. :)


Jake took the afternoon off, the stinker. I miss his emails.

Khan, Matt's dog, chewed up the inside doorknob at our house yesterday. Our wooden, special-order, Australian doorknob. Bad dog! It's a bit splintered on top, and we won't be able to sand it down and refinish. Rats!


Hmm... Apparently I don't have much to write about today.

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