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More social success with Guppy! She and my sister and I went to story time at the library and met other kids close in age, and although she was shy and stare-y at first, she loosened up quickly and was clapping her hands by the end and let go of me to go crawling off for the toys afterwards and she giggled and laughed. Then the two of us went to toddler time at the gym, where we met Jake for a second round of crawling and strange toys and other strange kids (mostly older). I got signs for hungry partway through that, and we went to the deli for some lunch (another unfamiliar place!) and had cheese and grapes and mum-mums. Then, ridiculously brave, I took her weekend grocery shopping, and she was adorable and social and tried to give my hat away again, and threw her frozen green beans on the ground after playing happily with them through four or five aisles of shopping. I filled up the car with gas and we made faces and waved at each other through the window, and then we came home and... she should be taking a nap, but there are still protests, one diaper change, two nurses, and nearly an hour later. Said protests are getting further apart and are mostly mutters of tired outrage at this point.

Started the next installment of South Meets North yesterday, and got a few hundred words in. Can I get the scene finished today? That's my goal. It's definitely a two-scene installment. I've gotten some administration work done and announced April as free character adoption month, which has already gotten one adoption and some interest, so I'm pretty tickled.

Laundry is folded and put away and dishes are done (and I think even the mutters are over now...), so I think that writing is next.

Have 2 photos from toddler time:

ETA: Finished the scene, at least a rough - this one might need some more cleanup than usual. And it's long enough that it will actually be the entire installment; it ends on a great cliffhanger.
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