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Mondaily! (No Foolin'!)

I got a good night's sleep on Friday night, which helped overall. Sunday, little monster wanted to get up earlier than I was ready to (but not HORRIBLY) early, and last night we were up at 4. Still, even just that one really good night helped a lot and I feel better facing this week than I have in a while.


*Writing - finish next installment YES
*Post at TW The next segment of South Meets North is up! Read it here at LJ or at at Torn World!
*Invoice prints
*eat - big breakfast finished! Giant lunch!
*Sort art
*clean shower (outside)
*walk dog (check on fasting!) - no food after midnight
*TW mass-email
*email to Dapwood
*call contractor about paying for hardpack plowing
*fold laundry

Tomorrow Norway goes in for x-rays and very minor surgery (a skin tag right on his eyelid). We've been getting out for a good walk almost every single day, which I think has helped his hip/knee/back pain considerably... it didn't at first, but I think we've made very good progress on strengthening some of the muscles that support the area, and his weight is lower, which helps, too. He's loving the extra attention, and it's turned out very good and healthy for me, too - especially with the sunlight returning. I get a good dose of outside, exercise and 'not responsible, for a while.' We shall not speak of the embarrassing encounter with a very well-behaved Irish Setter, wherin my oaf of a dog dragged me into a hip-deep snowbank trying to say 'hi'.

I don't have a handy photo of Norway to accompany this report, so have Velcro on a giant stuffed bear:

The bear is also a huge hit with Elsa, who was giggling outrageously when she did this:

(And I admit, the bear is also a big success with me - it is the perfect shape and weight for cuddling with, and I took a brief nap with him in my chair on Saturday. I foresee many bear battles in our future...)

Off to do stuff now. Happy Easter and April Fools!
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