Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Two Guppy stories and a set of photos for Easter

So, Guppy has been imitating noises for a while now, and it's usually really cute. She sort of gargles when I make raven calls, and my moose noises make her giggle, she'll bahbahbah when I make sheep noises, and she'll mumumumumumumum when I offer her mum-mums.

And sometimes, it's pretty hilarious, like yesterday, when the cat tried to hork up a hairball under the table. 'Hork! Hork! Hork!'

Guppy stared at that for a few moments, then looked at me and went 'Hor! Hor! Hor!' with a funny little exhale/cough just exactly like the cat was doing.

I'm pretty sure she didn't understand why I laughed so much at that, but she crawled around the house going 'Hor! Hor! Hor!' for a while afterwards.

We were having trouble getting her down for a nap yesterday - she kept rolling over, standing up and then wailing, though she clearly wanted to go to sleep.

I went up and decided to change her diaper and go through a bit of a calm-down routine. This necessitated a change of the diaper genie ring, which came with that RRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPP sound of opening a new package.

From Jake, downstairs, in horror: "Are you duct-taping our baby?!'

I wasn't that desperate!

Tags: guppy, photos

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