Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Happy Ellen Makes Art

LOTS of art! I did 12 pieces for Sketch Fest so far, and most of them are finished, and most of them are in color. REMARKABLE. Plus, I like them a lot.

I like it less that my server flipped out partway through the Sketch Fest, so I extended it another 12 hours, because it was terrifically disruptive. Yes! We're going until NOON tomorrow!

Now, some artwork.

I may inflict more on you tomorrow, but the baby is down and I never got a nap today... too busy arting! (And chasing a baby pretending to eat her head to make her giggle...) You can see all of them, plus four finished pieces from the last Fest: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestartist.php?id=9
Tags: artwork, sketch fest

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