Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Guppy slept! Yay! We went to bed a little late (all of us), but she slept in to her (used to be) usual time without complaint through the night, and Mom feels more rested this morning, if still a little scattered.

I have no idea what precipitated this face, but it's a good one:

Also, oh, Amazon... why must you be so evil but have such amazingly easy user interface and market reach? A preview... I am a little concerned about the jump in rewards between $75 and $250... but I couldn't think of anything particularly clever to fill it in with, and there are already a lot of options. Still needs pretty-making, but I figured out how to put together a simple video. I've spent maybe an hour or two extra putting a Kickstarter together - figure four at the very end of things... and the rest of the project is entirely time I would've spent anyway. We'll see if the investment pays off in extra reach.

New art up at Torn World. Sadly, only 2/20 comments that we need at the site to get to tomorrow's bonus episode. (Comment! It's not too late yet!)

Bread rising. Lunch et. Waiting for the baby to REALLY to go sleep before I hop in the shower. ... I think she's chewing on her crib.
Tags: coloring books, guppy, kickstarter, photos, torn world

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