Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily, Interrupted.

I was hoping to take Guppy to toddler time at the library today, but she woke up before the alarm, went back to sleep for less than an hour, and has utterly refused to take a nap since then. She is currently galloping around the house on all fours, sputtering and drooling. I would not inflict this wound-up, over-tired baby on the unsuspecting public and am expecting a total crash right about the time the event starts anyway. (ETA: Yes, there she goes - down for a nap exactly when we need to leave.)

Am feeling behind on everything, and totally mentally scattered. As is usual, that means a list!

*Client #2 programming stuff
*Sketch Fest programming stuff (had a *lightbulb* moment about some of the slowness claiming/tagging and will need to do some cleanup on the prompts page.)
*Invoicing some old payments
*Sketch Fest payouts

*Coloring book order
*New coloring book progress

I did get ALL pending Sketch Fest purchases cleared out (either cancelled or the purchases finalized), and also sat down and had exactly enough brain yesterday to give the site a little bit of a visual polish. I'm working on standardizing my branding a little bit, improving my networking and such. I also changed the look at Torn World a bit - updated the header to include EMG's branding and to be a little more interesting. Still more to do, but it's not a priority.

Debating Kickstarting the new coloring book. I like the idea of pre-orders covering my costs. I also like the idea of exposure. I'm... a little intimidated. Too many of my friends have done Wildly Successful campaigns, and I'm actually a little embarrassed to try to follow those - like trying to go on stage after that one act that has everyone standing up and cheering through their tears. Also, I have no video experience unless you count phone videos of baby antics.

Dear heavens, the baby is awake again. O.o
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