Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Webpages are being buggy this morning. *frowny face* I'm going to give them a break and do Other Things for a spell. I did, at least, get some writing done this morning - several hundred words of outline for the next two installments of SvN. I... er... failed to do anything art or writing-wise yesterday, which makes two missed days of March Boldness. *hangs head*

Ms. Droolmonster is wreaking merry havoc through the house this morning - she's tall and reachy enough now to make working on the computer a little hazardous when she's not otherwise occupied. The escape key is her FAVORITE EVER and also, what's this other key do and Mom, can I help? Mom? Mom? How about I open this drawer instead. Watch me, Mom! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! My arm is in the drawer and I'm leaning on it and now I'm stuck! Oh, this drawer has BOOKS. Look, kitty! *crawlcrawlcrawlcrawlcrawl*

Can't post a photo for you yet today, due to abovementioned buggy webpages.
Tags: daily, guppy, life

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