Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily, brief version.

It was a Sketch Fest weekend, which means I'm scrambling through emails, orders, approvals, bug reports, and coming down off of an artwork high myself - 19 pieces sketched! 19! I'm so pleased with myself. :) Many of them are rough, but things I'm excited to finish. It took forever to scan and process them.

...I would post them now, but I am too grumpy, because I just compiled a big complicated list of things to do, posted my favorite pieces from Sketch Fest, linked to new stories, chattered merrily about things... and LOST IT because I was stupid and only got back the first stinking paragraph from LJ's saved draft. Too mad at myself to go back and re-do it now. Going to make bread and do laundry and stomp around the house instead.
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