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Seriously bleary this morning - Guppy was up in the uncomfortable wee hours of the morning... not midnight, but just late enough that it wasn't worth going back to bed before the alarm would go off. She was contritely adorable, and has discovered the vast entertainment of putting her toasty-Os into her Tang lid one at a time. I gave her a tupperware container to double the fun, and she had a grand time while I blundered around the kitchen making coffee and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I took her to a meeting with me yesterday (I'd say that she was invited, but in truth, it was more like 'don't you dare come without her'), and she was wonderful. Shy at first, then played peek-a-boo with her snowsuit and started smiling and giggling, laughed at comedic points in the discussion, and didn't panic when I left the room! She loves pizza. LOVES it. And when she tipped into the corner of a desk, she hollered one good, but recovered much faster than I probably would have and was back to smiles and wiggles by the time we left.

I am ashamed!! I got nothing creative done yesterday and blew my March Boldness record! I must atone for my slip somehow! There is a Sketch Fest starting today, so perhaps I can make up for it. If I write AND draw today, will that count?

Also, a headsup - I may not be at my computer as things start (yay for automation!), so if you want to add credits to your account, be sure to do it sooner than later! I won't be away long, but sometimes the artwork is gone FAST. Have you guys looked at the new page I built you? See all the comments you've received and left - with replies! Gotta be logged in for that to work. :)

Shower now.
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