Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with much improved health...

I've been feeling steadily better - I took a long walk with the dog on Saturday and drained my sinuses with Thai food at least two grades hotter than I usually order at gaming on Sunday, and between that and eating every time it occurs to me and getting plenty of sleep (except for one interruption last night by a hungry, sad baby), yes, definitely feeling better. My driveway has been plowed (yay!) and I'm caught up on laundry. I didn't even crack the cover on my laptop yesterday, but that's all right - I got some artwork worked on that I may be able to post later today, so I'm still up on March Boldness. I'm even showered already this morning! *gasp*

There's a Sketch Fest this weekend! And a Muse Fusion the weekend after! And a new installment in the South Meets North storyline is up at Torn World!

On my docket for the day:

A walk with the baby.
A programming puzzle I'm looking forward to diving into.
Scanning art.

Random things I adore about my baby: More times than not, she wakes up giggling.
Tags: daily, health, life, lists

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