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This is a horrendously cyclical cold - one hour I feel just fine, the next I'm ready to die of exhaustion. I think I dislike the lack of sleep most - I end up achy, or too hot, or too cold, or trying really hard not to cough, laying there wondering if I'm more or less likely to go back so sleep if I DO cough, and when I finally sleep, I have really vivid almost-nightmares. Guppy still seems to have avoided it so far, but woke up two hours early this morning, and her naps have been short and punctuated with complaint. Mom is running on fumes, but still... mostly... feels together. A quick shower helped a lot.

Other notes on the day:

Torn World handbook post on Smokewater Valley: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/141837.html (fun meta-fiction read!)


Guppy has started standing with just a hand on a wall or door - no furniture needed. I think she would be cruising if we had close-together-furniture. I should probably set some up for her, to see how she handles it. She loves boots. They trump her toys. (But cat trumps boots.)

I got some artwork started yesterday (drawing identical triplets is HARD), and have been steaming forward on the South Meets North installments. Not super fast, but several hundred words yesterday, and several hundred more today. A solid outline, and a direction. Layla is writing one of the later bits, which takes a tremendous amount of stress off me! I have an installment PLUS art ready to go on Friday, but we need 14 more comments for the bonus episode. Go comment at the site! *PussInBootsEyes*
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