Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Lots of Happy News

I'm participating in March Boldness, which elletra introduced me to. Basically, make a bold goal! Declare it and spend March making it happen!

Mine... er... is less bold than perhaps it ought to be: write or draw Every Single Day. So far, so good. Yesterday, I did an ACEO of Newt for Melanie while chasing Guppy, because her comments have been so wonderful to get. Still need to scan it. Today, I worked further on two of my Muse Fusion piece - the self-portrait, and the Dini and Lalya portrait. I should sit down and do some writing next. I'm all inspired, too. Lunch-cooking first, though.

I went out to watch hockey with Jake last night - we were playing our Anchorage rivals, and it was a very exciting game! We won!

Guppy had her 1 year checkup yesterday, and that also went well. The doctor was running late, so I ended up leaving Guppy with the sitter very low on sleep, but it wasn't a complete disaster. She got a clean bill of health - there are no concerns at this point, and she's in excellent shape. She only wibbled a little at the cold stethoscope, and she cried at the shots, but calmed down quickly. Her iron levels are fine, everything looks good!

I have an art show coming up! I will make a bigger deal out of things closer to the date, but it will be opening for First Friday in May, and run for several months. It's a multi-artist show, not just me, but still - art show! I'm excited!

I have orders to work on later today, but now must start lunch... mmm... chicken lemongrass soup!
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