Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Guppy did finally take her second nap yesterday, and went to bed at the usual time - to wake up shortly before midnight convinced it was morning and she was going to perish of hunger at any moment. We changed and fed and went cheerfully back to sleep. She's unexpectedly up earlier than usual this morning, currently terrorizing Velcro, who is clearly inciting it by laying down nearby and purring at the top of her lungs while twitching her tail just into reach.

I'll leave the Massive Poll of Miscellanea open over the weekend, then randomly give away the cowspot cowbell ACEO to one of the participants. :)

Much to do today - much of it time/attention consuming with little to show. Some email/admin already finished, about to tackle a shower, once Guppy has decided to nap, and have some brunch. And pick up the toys that she has manage to strew from end to end of the house.

Tags: guppy, life, photos

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