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I strapped the baby on my back yesterday and scraped off the porch and the doghouse, then went for a brief walk. I lamented forgetting my phone, because the woods were gorgeous, but I'm glad I did, because I went back and got my good camera, and took a handful of really nice photographs. This is my favorite:

Alas, I think I overdid it; my back last night was seriously unhappy. It is better this morning, but I plan to take it Very Easy today and use some ice and heat as needed.

Guppy is not going to be satisfied with crawling for long. She pulled herself up on me last night, and stood unassisted for a fraction of a second. This morning, she pulled herself up on the bottom step of the stairs, and for several days, she's been pausing in her crawling and will work her way up onto both feet and both hands (sort of a downward facing dog yoga pose) before resuming her travels. She's quite sure there is a better locomotive method just out of reach, and she's starting to make the frustrated faces because she can't quite master it.

I have a new poem up at Torn World, Moon-slight. (It's short.)

And today, I hope to do some writing. I've got a few paperwork thingies to do and some emails to send, but I was very pleased with my list progress yesterday.

Woops, there's wookie noises coming from the monitor. No writing yet!
Tags: alaska, guppy, photos, poem

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