Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Guppy had slept through three nights in a row, but decided that an hour before the alarm went off was a fine time to get up this morning. She's back asleep now, and scattered Mom needs a list or there will be a whole lot of watching dust settle accomplished:

*Clip dog toenails, feed and pill dog
*Feed cat
*Scoop catbox
*Feed Mom (breakfast)
*Call vet
*Call preschool - have started some research...
*Order beds - email off
*Find contractor contact info - brick wall
*Feed Mom (Lunch) - in the oven
*Post TW installment
*Post 'previously on TW'
*Post new material at TW site.
*Email about 3M ad
*Daily photo - downloading from camera card now
*Post artwork (I got ART time this weekend! And finished FOUR pieces, plus most of another!)

*Shovel porch
*Programming stuff
*Play with Guppy (Not that this is ever REALLY finished)
*email M about hockey
*Run around with dog

Back later with a real post.
Tags: daily, lists

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