Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


This midnight feeding thing is starting to break my little brain. I need a list, or I'm going to forget EVERYTHING:


*run around with dog

*shirt return
*Package for Mom
*peanut butter granola bar complaint
*TW emails
*Invoice programming job and estimate
*Invoice 2
*TW subscriptions
*SF patron credits
*SF payments (round 2)
*Keep fire going (brrr!)

Have a photo.

She has realized that things are supposed to go in spoons to be et. (There is a green bean piece in her little mitt.) She is NOT good at keeping spoons level yet, but she has fun trying!

Go read about Plants in the North and be boggled by the depth of detail at Torn World. Go! Be boggled!
Tags: guppy, lists, photos
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