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Internet has been spotty this morning - I have plans to do Sketch Fest payments this afternoon, and some programming stuff, and I've got lots of cleaning and fire-making to do. Also, I need to replace that %&*#$ battery pad in my car, but that won't happen today. I would really, REALLY like to have some writing time; we'll see if that happens.

There was a Sketch Fest this weekend! I got a whopping 9 pieces done, which I'm super pleased about (given the craziness of this weekend), and two of them are color (though one is SUPER rough). I uploaded all of them from my phone, so they are a little dark. These are my two favorites:

Tree Ecstasy and Alone in a Crow. Both originals are sold, but I'm making ACEO prints available of these two. (Click to go to the Sketch Fest page.)

Guppy finally slept through the night last night, to my enormous relief. (Of course, I managed to lie awake through far too much of the first portion of the night anyway. Stupid brain. Still, feeling more refreshed this morning than I have this last week or so.) She is eating, eating, eating. It's crazy. More chicken! More vegetables! More! More! More! She's started signing 'more/please', 'eat/hungry' and once in a while maybe 'milk,' though it's still a touch on the random side as to when and whether or not it's really deliberate. She quite clearly said MUMUMUMUMUM when I offered her a Mum Mum the other day, but whether or not it was just an imitation or a random favorite noise... who knows. She definitely gargles when I make raven noises at her, and will smack kisses my way when I make them at her.

I went on a date with Jake on Saturday, and the sitter agrees that she is a very entertaining baby. She was down for a nap when we left (just by timing - I was hoping to hand her off, but didn't want to wake her up to do so), and apparently was a little alarmed that I wasn't there - until she was fed, and then the sitter was A-OK in her book. We say the Silver Lining Playbook (deep! Rather good! Not the movie we were expecting, but... it really stuck with us. The characters were riveting, even the bit players) and had steaks at a local (smoke-free) bar. NOM. Also, after our low-salt diet, normal food tastes SALTY.

Baby noises! That's my blogging time! Maybe more news later?
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