Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


A tired morning; Got to bed late, I was up with poor Guppy at midnight, and she woke a couple of other times during the night, too (though got herself back to sleep after just a short wail of protest), and then we got up extra early this morning (Jake and I - Guppy's still asleep now, though I heard a noise just now...).

I've already got some orders ready to go out, some client programming done, and I am about to get up and start bread, once I can convince my legs they want to move. (Really, legs. I need your cooperation, please.) I want to get the product editing finished for Sketch Fest (tomorrow! Oh crap, I need to send a reminder! And update the header!). I got a good start on it early in the week, but Things Happened. Still need to do a Torn World update for the day, too. What to post, what to post.... hmmm...

Have a photo from yesterday:

Tags: guppy, photos
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