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I haven't blogged all week? Hm.

Lots accomplished, though not a lot to show for it. The only writing has been metafiction and administration-stuff, the programming has been nit-picky backend things (though I have one client who gave me three all-caps LOVEs for a logo I did for her), and there has been no art. Lots of laundry, bread, dirty diapers, messy food, cleaning, clearing snow, a little gaming, and only a few photos.

So, my sister-in-law totally called me out last week and demanded to know if we dress babies in anything other than pajamas in Alaska. I had to confess that I am a lazy, lazy Mom, and that rather than argue with Guppy over the function of socks and shoes and toes (she thinks the first two are for removing as quickly as possible, and all of the above are to be chewed on, which makes for cold tootsies in no time), I dress her pretty much solely in one-piece outfits with feet.

I did strike on this as something of a compromise. Toss a jumper over it, and viola! It almost looks like clothes!

We do a lot of this, these days. Crawling is serious business, Mom. Whenever I go do something in the kitchen, I hear this pat. pat. pat. patpatpatpatpatpat of the baby crawling after me. Then there are little hands grabbing my shoes and ankles and the sound of triumphant giggling.

Woops, urgent workorder just came in... off to spend the rest of her nap on some programming.
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