Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Mom needs a nap!

Velcro not only lets Guppy tug on her fur, chase and pull her tail, grab her ears and pat her VERY vigorously, she actively comes up to where the baby is playing and flops down nearby. She starts purring loud enough to be heard across the room when Guppy finds her in her toy basket. She'll sometimes have enough and wander out of reach, but more often she sticks around until Guppy is bored. Strange, STRANGE cat.


Need to get my day moving... c'mon brains, we've got work to do.

ETA: Oh! And last night's dinner was quite something - we made 14 bean soup, with stock made from pork bones and hommade pork sausage, served with homemade bread and followed by the most AMAZING bread pudding I've ever made, from bread that was not only homemade, but also made with home-milled whole wheat flour, and drizzled with a (yes, homemade) maple whiskey sauce. YUM. And very pioneer-feeling. We've got DAYS worth of leftovers that I'm looking forward to.
Tags: daily, guppy, pets, photos

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