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A little cleaning, a little writing (very little), a little coding, a little administration stuff, and a lot of baby-wrangling later, it's 3:30 in the afternoon, and I haven't blogged yet!

Usually she's quiet when we're out walking - just looking around and soaking it in, but not today. We were overflown by a chatty raven, and I called back to it (I like to mimic ravens, and I'm very good at it. I will only do it outdoors, because it can't be done quietly...). We had quite a conversation, and as it flew off, Elsa started gurgling in imitation. She had comments the rest of the walk - ahhmaaamaaamaaaah, blaahBLAAHblaahblaah and ooooOOooooOOOOO are some of her favorites right now, but that particular gurgle was very definitely an attempt to talk with the raven and I.

If you have not yet caught wind of haikujaguar's recent scuffle with Games Workshops over the term 'space marines', you should look into it. Copyright - in this case Trademark - legalities are of particular interest to me, and this is a pretty clear case of it not working the way it ought to. Scalzi and Gaiman and Wheaton have weighed in, so geeks of my circles have probably already seen this. http://haikujaguar.livejournal.com/1208235.html

Also, I weigh .4 lbs more than my dog right now. This probably isn't particularly good news for either of us. I'm going to go eat some more food.
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