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Monday Thoughts. Mostly on Art.

Interesting shifts of power at work; I'm not sure what they mean, but they aren't in my department, so I'm not too concerned. On the other hand, webwork may be taken off my plate, which is unfortunate, because that is probably the favorite of my duties. We'll see.

Good weekend, got to gaming finally, and was enormously flattered that they seemed to be happy to have me back. It rather startles me; I'm a lousy, undependable friend and I know it. I didn't have my character sheet (I have no idea where it is...), and there was more discussion about EverQuest than Seventh Sea, but I loved being able to curl up on the couch and draw and draw and draw and draw and interact a little. Finished a drawing for the Project and started two others that are in maybe-will-be-finished mode. Also went back and fiddled with some old work.

I've decided that my sketchbooks are not as chronological as I think. It's a complete work in progress... I go back and tweak and fiddle and change everything in the book until I get a new sketchbook. The sketchbooks themselves are chronological, and you can see improvement if you flip through more than one at a time, but there is no skimming through a stand-alone book and seeing progress, because I cannot leave a piece alone until it's been taken away from me.

I'm trying to train myself to color while working in black and white, always considering, 'If I were working on a tablet, what color would I make this? What kind of brush would I want to use? What would I put on a different layer? Where would I put the lens flare?" (Don't worry, the last one's just a joke!!!) I'm hoping that just thinking about the process is exercising the correct areas of the brain. Carrying pencils or paint around is kind of a hassle...

Picked up more bristol from my parents house... I'm such the optimist. :P

The portfolio/scrapbooks that I got from Jennie are amazing, and I don't know how I got along without them. It's so nice having a safe place to stick various loose pieces, even big ones! I shudder to think about my haphazardous throw-it-in-a-random-pile-and-hope-it-doesn't-get-ruined method from before.

Drove to Delta on Saturday with Jake to drop the snow-blower off for repairs. Fun little side-trip. Great buffalo burger. Didn't feel guilty about not working. Hah! Take that, brain!

Have a zillion stories I want to work on.

Tonight, EMG. There is football on tonight, so I'll go to mom and dads and finish contracts. That's my goal. FINISH CONTRACTS. *mutters*

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