Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with toasty fire.

It's not as cold as it was yesterday - it was 37 below yesterday but is up to a balmy -16 now. Toasty! I still have a lovely fire going, because I am a wimp, and that feels cold for some reason. It's much colder in town, and they have ice fog, which I have escaped, at least.

I've been incredibly social the last week or so - daycare with the Guppy, a playdate, a friend over for lasagne this weekend, a friend over for Sketch Fest last week! I've initiated all of it myself, which is pretty astonishing if you know what an introvert I am. I could quite happily stay home all day long every day, especially in this weather, scribbling in the corner while the baby naps. But I know it's good to get out, to make connections, be friendly, so I'm making a genuine effort, and it's been satisfying. A little exhausting, and now I'm ready for a nice hunker-down, I confess, but I'm glad to have done it. Other people are a good thing.

Programming to do today, and taxes (367 entries down, 101 to go!). Sketch Fest payments (round 2) are off. Email is disastrous, but getting beaten into submission - got some 50-odd messages replied to, sorted and solved to get my inbox back down to a humiliating 400. Edited the first five installments of the North v. South storyline that are going to start going up soon and started stringing words into the outline for the sixth. I wrote the Day 1 entry for the Worldbuilding Blogfest last night and set it to auto-post (HORRAH), and need to get Day 2 written today. I have the bones of it together. Day 3 (magic and religion) will be the tricky one. But fun!

Okay, blogging wind-down time over. Time for a hot drink and web design until the world's best baby wakes up.

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