Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Snippet Sunday

Luulan stood as well. "I'm hot enough for a roll in the snow," she said cheerfully, and she waded with the two rangers to the sloped exit of the pool. While Birka and Kativa hastily dried and dressed in the frigid air, the raiser found a snowbank to quickly plunge into, squealing at the cold, before splashing back into the hot water. The sound of laughter and Luulan being welcomed back into the water (and scolded for rocking the lanterns) faded behind Birka and Kativa as they hiked up the slight ridge to the little Smokewater village. Birka paused at the top, blinking in the darkness. The sky was cloudy and the moons obscured, but some of the houses had lanterns at their doors, spilling pools of light from their sunken entrances and casting long shadows across the snow.

Recovering from Sketch Fest and snow-work. Might require rum and fresh bread... >.>
Tags: life, torn world, writing

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