Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It's Thursday! With guppy photo.

Elsa in her awesome polarfleece cape. It was warm enough Monday not to need a snowsuit. (And raining. The less said about that, the better.) Her eyes look very green here, for some reason. (They are bluer in real life.)

Writing. Programming. Making bread. Cleaning. All the usual things. Even some artwork!

Sketch Fest is tomorrow (eek!). I've done some site improvements - the finished art page has been updated, and I fixed a few various bugs and tweaks throughout. Feverishly working on Torn World stuff. I may have finished the next south-north installment, but I'm not convinced that the ending is as strong as I want it to be. Too much fluff. Not enough cowbell. I'll sleep on it.

Artwork to mail today, need to go print a packing slip before monsterus minimus wakes, so I'd better go now.
Tags: guppy, life, photos, writing

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