Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Snippet Sunday

Beads were a permanent thing, but the paper flowers of the midwinter celebration were not meant to keep. Many were so thin and fragile that they would dissolve in water, and the villagers would leave them out to wash away in the spring thaw.

Kativa had always found them a curious mixture of sadness and brightness - for several weeks after flower day, the flowers were bright on the snow if they remained uncovered, a brilliant testimony to crossing the crest of the season. Then the bright colors would inevitably bleach in the returning sun, or be covered by new fallen snow, slowly fading away to nothing.

Guppy had an extremely fussy day and was quite wail-y whenever I wasn't actively holding her (and sometimes when I was). She was rather drooly, which makes me think teething, but she also wanted to eat All the Food, so maybe just a growth spurt. It was very warm and drippy (31 degrees, with a forecast for rain), so I chose not to drive on the awful roads to go to gaming, and crying baby makes an *awful* backdrop for virtual chatting, so I missed it entirely. I got out for a quick snowshoe with Norway while it was still light, which was lovely. Shelves were assembled and lights were installed.

Muse Fusion wraps up tomorrow: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/131706.html Last chance to leave prompts!

I've written two poems and one establishment description and done one ink illustration:

Sketch Fest is next weekend!

Sleep now.
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