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Friday! Muse Fusion and such...

Muse Fusion is open now! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/131706.html

My personal goal is one poem or short-short story and one sketch. Something I think I can manage in the chaos that is this coming weekend...

The next installment of Rails is up!

Rail Betrayal

Bai took his spectacles off and rubbed a hand across weary eyes. It seemed like an endless tenday, and the day had left him feeling stretched thin. Ressa had abandoned the office early, and her clerks were struggling without her: several folders were missing, an irate citizen, upset over a denied form that had never even crossed Bai's desk, spent nearly an hour in his office alternating between pleas and threats, and a pile of last-tick justification forms had been dumped on him just as the office was closing. At least the tenend was ahead - a few days to try to make sense of his life again before returning to the whirlwind of the office.


Bai put his glasses back on, and Urti swam into focus in the doorway. "Oh, good," he said. "If you'd been anyone bringing me more forms to resolve, I would have driven you out and locked the door. I've already had one citizen in here who should never have gotten past the front complaints desk. I'm thinking about switching offices with one of the managers, just so they can't find me anymore." (read the rest...

One cute baby picture, and I'm off to do laundry and make bread and vacuum and such...

From our walk yesterday. The light was really dim by then, alas.
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