Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Friday Meanders

I feel very clever.

I was getting these obnoxious popups, even right after running AdAware, while visiting pages I knew didn't have popups (like my own page...), and this save.exe file kept coming back in program files> save. So I saved a word document called save in that folder, deleted the save.exe, renamed the empty doc file save.exe and made it read-only. Woo hoo! Problem solved!

Stupid spamware...

I'm going to let my ezboard expire. I can get a free forum through my new host, if I want to, and really, the only reason I'd set it up in the first place was for the easy commenting ability, which I've got running on my own site. And the last thing I need is something else to maintain - and pay for. Just need to get the house stuff up somewhere, and then I'll go delete the thing.

Had an order packaged up to go out today, and then discovered it had a spot on the canvas print that had peeled. Argh! Gotta reprint that at lunch today. Have a sinking feeling I've lost a T-shirt order from the fair and could kick myself across the room. Possibly further.

Though I got exactly zero EMG time on Wednesday (which was the day I took off to work on EMG, but I don't want to talk about it...), but we did get the house cleaned up, which it desperately needed. Who knew I had that much space once everything was organized! We also hung up some more material to cover the gawdawful ugly marshmellow insulation walls, and the place looks so much nicer and less cluttered and temporary.

I'm going to be bringing my computer over to our house, and buying a router. I'm sick of using the dsl at Jake's convenience, and not having access to files that I need. It slows me down unbelievably. I'll leave my printers and all of my stock at my parents' house; they have a laptop that will run my printer drivers, and I have all of the EMG designs on disc. My parents house will be strictly for production; all the business stuff (contracts, webpage, email, data entry, etc) will be done out at our house. At least I can then get some work done out there. Yay work...

I do have to mention that having a second vehicle rocks. Absolutely rocks. Sweet freedom!!

I've been trying to find my medical records for my back, and hitting a brick wall. Very frustrating. Guy went out of business and has vanished. Can't find anyone who even knows who he was. Geez. That was a lot of money in MRIs and X-rays and CATscans.

Got to paint last night! V. pleased with the way the painting is coming out, and have started masking the Bad Snowy picture.

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