Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

On being creative...

Lizard brain is winning. Going to put away Rails for the weekend and hit it with fresh eyes on Monday. Not done yet. Must not let my frustration keep me from pushing forward on other writing, either. (Over-hearing harsh criticism that probably wouldn't have been issued to my face kept me from writing for three-odd years once. I need to not do that again.)

However! I'm going to take a brief media switch and do some artwork to clear out the cobwebs. I finished a commission, which I need to get scanned, and then I have some painting to do. (Color, must do more color!) One of the things on my 2013 goals list is to do more work for PA, and I have a fun crowd-sourced idea for that to pursue next week.

Guppy's down for a nap - my chance to paint!
Tags: art, writing
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