Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wombats and Writers...

I'm befuddled.

I've been getting rather regular emails about 'my' request for a writer-collaborator on a mysterious 'DW' (or less helpfully, just a vague reference to a 'posting'). Finally, one of the emails (which I've been just putting aside... figured I'd at least reply, but it definitely wasn't at the top of my list of priorities...) specifically mentioned 'digitalwebbing.' Which I'd never heard of, but I figured what-the-hey and typed in www.digitalwebbing.com. Bingo! A comic-artist and -writer site with lots of slots for collaboration requests, etc.

A search for my name has been futile. A search for parts of my name and/or parts of my email address has been futile. A google search for 'Million' limited to the site has been futile. So *weird*. Who would be posting my email address? Was it just a link to my site? I wonder if it's even my art they're commenting on.

In other news, I have a wombat!! A happy wombat with a balloon holding art supplies and wearing a 'Morning Glory' shirt!! It certainly made my day. It probably made my whole week. Thank you, Ursula!!

And, my Loth gallery has been updated.

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