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I'm putting aside my lizard brain's certainty that I am a hack and a faker (shut up, brain!) and reveling in the fact that I am DONE with the Rails storyline. DONE! 3 years, 50k words (give or take)*, and the story is at a natural stopping point and I can move on to other things without feeling like I never finish anything. There are 8 more installments to have edited and post, and then I can turn it into an ebook and cross it off my to do list.

And now I know I can do this when I do the butt-in-chair thing, and it doesn't suck (shut up, brain!), so I can get on with the Big storyline I really want to tell and make it not take another 3 years.

Also, I'M DONE.

dances around a little

*I realize my pro writer friends are all smirking tolerantly at me, but that's a lot for me. (Shut up, brain!)
Tags: torn world, writing

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