Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

In 2012... a review

Going into this year, I listed two goals: 'Have baby' and 'Care for baby.' Check, and check!

But wait, there's more!

Non-fiction (4 articles):

Shared Story World Content Navigation and Management (originally published here)
Half the Story: DPI
Stop! Thieves!
The End is Near


Rails (20, not counting End Part 3): Derailed, Don't Say Murder, Off Rails, Wrong Side of the Rails, Railcaged, Blackrail, Railfashions Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Jumping the Rails Part 1, and Part 2. Plus, Following the Rails, (untitled, possibly Rail Betrayal), Railbrakes, Safety Rails Part 1 and 2, and End of the Rails, Part 1, 2 and almooooost 3.

Torn World, but not Rails (8): City of Lights 3; Ithoi, The Sea Queen*, Birthing, Moon Blossom Ritual, Winning the Game, Colors of Change, and A Letter-Friend. Also, Meetings.

Torn World poetry (9): Serpent Skin*, Winter's Empty, Reflections of Water, A Little Chaos on Combing Day, First Day on the Trail, A Wild Wind, Youngest and Oldest, Of People and Colors and Getting the License.


Torn World art (16): Nefessa, Dalvo, Omorth, Larli, Alikii, Ablara, Ralyaan Purist, I Will Keep You Warm (Kether and Lenarai), Love at First Bite, Rash, Fishing, Warsailor Garb, Tifureir, Snagtooth, Unicorn Boots, and Timekeeper 2000.

(Mostly) Non Torn World art:

New stamp art (9): Unicorn's Wreath, Tangled Up Christmas Dragon, Snowflake Fairy, Holly Unicorn, Gingerbread Dragon, Candy Cane Dragon and Snow-Unicorn's Tree. Also, unreleased: Snail Love and Unicorn Pair.

Portrait Adoption pieces: O.o None?! That's terrible of me!

Miscellaneous: Mountains landscape painting, some random abstracts, one dragon and silly RTH artwork and Maiden, Mother and Crone.

For Sketch Fest: 70 Sketches (with some overlap with finished art listed above)

I made an actual factual sale of artwork to a magazine, started two licensing contracts, and was also interviewed in Cruzines and at EMG-Zine.

I ended EMG-Zine, after a run of 7 years, and released no publications, which might be a first since... gosh, 1997?

In all, not bad. I think that's a lot, considering how chaotic life can be with a small monster to care for, and how much of the year was spent with Very Little sleep. It's certainly more than I expected to accomplish. I also did a fair amount of programming, both standard freelance stuff for other people, work on EMG-Zine, Torn World and a LOT at the Sketch Fest site.

Up next? Creative goals for 2013.
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