Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Snippet Sunday

(reminded by frigg)

From 'End of the Rails':

Murder and blackmail were terrible for productivity, Bai decided, trying to focus on a justification form. The entire office was backlogged by a tenday more than it ought to be, which wasn't actually unusual, but the pressure of it felt more intense, and Bai was having more trouble than usual staying on task. A crisp book of updated regulations sat open beside him as he tried to follow a tangled trail of reasoning and argument. The managers below him had split their decisions on this license, and he had already changed his mind several times as he read their arguments and researched precedent. Did this updated license wording apply to this case, or could it be considered under the older regulations because of the date of submital? And if the newer rules did apply, did that mean the primary license this was being applied under needed to be re-examined under the revised justification form?

Compiling the last(!) EMG-Zine retrospective. Considering new years goals. Musing on Muse Fusion prompts.

(ETA: wrote this 6 hours ago, posting now!)
Tags: torn world, wip, writing

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