Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesday with progress.

Boo-yeah! Have converted the Sketch Fest prompt-counts to the brilliant (dirt simple) new system, and the prompts page is now loading at an average of .3 seconds. (With some variation, of perhaps 50, I've caught two loads over 1 second, and one of those was 21 seconds... but that was definitely not the norm, and many of them have been under .2 seconds. So, yay!) And that's with tags and counts working. Much of my list has actually been dealt with - much more than I expected by now. Some other key bits would be good to cross off before Friday, but we'll see. I'm pretty satisfied by what I have gotten done.

On the topic of Sketch Fest - are you stuck for a last-minute gift for someone on your list? Consider EMG credits! Your recipient can go shopping at the Sketch Fest site, pick up a coloring book or two, adopt a portrait, choose an EMG-Zine anthology, or subscribe to Torn World! You can even share your own spend-only credits with them, if you've earned them through writing articles at EMG-Zine, and you'll be supporting a small business and a community of artists. Just contact me if you'd like to do this - if I were truly on top of things, I'd have an awesome landing page with automated tools, but... er... not yet.

Another chunk of Rails written - some big reveals on the way and a major confrontation. *grins and rubs hands*

Look! Cute baby!

Getting ready to yodel into the Tang lid...
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