Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Saturday morning...

Lazy Saturday morning, waiting for the baby to wake up, sitting in front of the fire full of cinnamon roll and coffee.

I am SO SO SO glad that people are enjoying the EMG-Zine retrospectives I've been putting together. I've enjoyed poking back through, too - there are a bunch of articles I'd utterly forgotten about. Don't forget to nominate your favorites. If you don't want to email them, leave a comment at my LJ (or Facebook) and I'll pass your recommendations on. :)

Finished the next Rails story - the hardest one yet, and a very touchy topic. Found a gap in my outline, so I've got at least two - maybe three - more stories to complete the arc. An end is in sight!

Sketch Fest next weekend! Hear a baby stirring now!
Tags: life, sketch fest, writing
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