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EMG-Zine Retrospective July 2006-December 2006

The theme for this month was 'Mischief'. This is the issue that we finally moved to a more automated site, courtesy of Janet Chui.

This month, we look at printer mischief and Ren Bail talks about the awful mischief of art theft. Ursula introduces us to selling artwork at a convention, Annie takes us through a delightful character design, Marina talks heraldry, hold your breath for an article on air from Janet, and we've also got two short stories, a poem and a gallery of mischievious artwork. Our main entrance graphic is from a photo of a sculpture by Michael Cross - see the full-sized image in the gallery!


The theme for this month was 'Water'. Our cover was by Cris Griffin.

Annie turns 2-D into 3-D with 1-point perspective, Ursula tells us about convention art shows, Marina finishes up our series on Heraldry, Janet gives us an eye-opening look at warning labels, R. Bail gives us the scoop on backups, and I take you painting in the rain - plus a wonderful selection of watery fiction, poetry, a gallery of artwork, and more!


Our theme this month was 'School,' as in 'back to,' and though the gallery was a slim two pieces, we had a pile of features:

Jenny Heidewald and Sonya Fedotowsky each walk us through the painting process, Ursula gives us the lowdown on choosing painting surfaces, Melissa Acker explains the basics on reference photography, Audrey Wildhagen uncovers the mysteries of writing for publication, and Sylvia Leung dives into comic writing.

In addition, Janet talks about ergonomics, Marina talks about the oak tree mythology, Annie shows us how to care for pen nibs and Ursula introduces us to available painting surfaces, plus we've got one story and a movie review! September was also the month that I gratefully promoted Megan Myers from copyeditor to Head Editor!


'Birthdays' was our theme, in honor of EMG's 13th birthday! The cover was by Annie Rodrigue.

In the zine this month we have another tutorial on knotwork (circles this time!) by Dawn Obrecht, Audrey Wildhagen tells us how to handle writing workshops, and R. Bail gives the scoop on how to introduce people to your beloved fandom.

In the columns, Janet talks about paint vehicles (and their safety!), Annie talks about buying and storing watercolor paints, Marina talks about apple tree symbolism, and Ursula continues on the topic of painting surfaces.


'Ghosts' was the theme for November.

Even though Halloween was last month, this month we're celebrating all the cultures that recognize ghosts, from Dia de los Muertos to the Hungry Ghost Festival. We've got lots of ghostly fiction for you, as well as columns on olives (yes, olives), art pigments, and creative mulch, as well as a watercolor tutorial! In addition, Ellen shows you seven steps for obtaining world sales domination in the art world, and Melissa Acker explains how to use the photos you've been taking for references.

This month's cover art was done by the lovely Janet Chui.


The theme for December was 'Angels,' and it marked a full year of publishing EMG-Zine! Our cover was by Michele-Lee Phelan.

Janet gives plenty of eco-friendly tips for the holiday season, Annie talks about getting action into your drawings, while Ursula tackles a much-fretted artistic element. The history of the lovely green pine is explained by Marina, Ellen helps us dissect just what all those things really mean when it comes to print making, and we've got, among others, a review of the luscious new James Bond flick. And don't forget to check out the angel-themed fiction and artwork!


Whew! Does it seem like we're zooming through these? We really ARE - I have to cover about 2 years a week to get through them all this month!
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