Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG-Zine Retrospective: Feb 2006 - June 2006

February 2006 had a theme of Romance (being February, with that most despised holiday...). We had another gorgeous gallery, and the cover of our first anthology came from this month (it was also the cover of the issue, by Amy Edwards).

Janet talks about light in Healthy Green Artists, Ursula waxes eloquent about smut in Wombat Droppings, Annie tells us about composition in Behind the Art, Amy discusses costuming choices in Cosplay 101, and Marina brings light into our life with stories about sun mythology in Myths and Symbols. Ryan Decker and Roy Griffin spill all the dirt on living with artists, Liiga continues into talking about your site design in Online marketing, part 2, and I give you all the dirty secrets for keeping your art director happy in Romancing an Art Director. A poem and two stories round out this issue.

In March, the theme was Celtic Fey, in which Ursula rants about fairy tropes, Janet talks about plastic in Healthy Green Artists, Annie preps a painting, Amy helps us pick budget costuming materials, and Marina continues sun mythology. Christy Nicholas shares tax tips for artists, Amy Edwards show us how to draw Celtic knots, Liiga continues Online Marketing, and I show you how to write an article. We've also got a beautiful gallery and Chella Reaves wrote a story (with copious footnotes). The cover was by Deborah Grieves.

In April, under the theme of 'Seeds,' I announced I was closing my business - and successfully 'got' several people with my little April Fool's prank.

I will be selling off all the equipment and in-stock blank product at auction, with all of the proceeds going to charities for people who are gullible and toward shelters for folks who have tragically been born without a sense of humor.

Ursula talks about the process of art, Janet talks about globalization, Annie writes about watercolor brushes, and Marina continues the saga of the sun. We find out what an art card is from Eliza Leahy, and Liiga gives us online marketing, part 4! There was one poem, and a lovely gallery. The cover was by Madeleine Gusdal.

May had the theme of Space, trying to work in a little more science fiction rather than sticking strictly to fantasy. Our cover was by Ken Meyer, and the gallery was wonderful.

Ursula talked about studio space, Janet talked about paper, Annie brings up color theory, Marina starts with Heraldry, and Amy assembles a costume. Brandie B. Minchew waxes eloquent on the Quest for Space, Liiga begins a series on digital art, and I break down the process of scanning art. Some reviews, but no fiction, this month!

June's theme was 'Halves,' alluding to the fact that this issue got us halfway through our first year - an awesome milestone that many, many publications never meet! Mandy Roberts did our cover.

This month, because we don't do things by halves, Joleen Flasher talks about balancing an art career and a dayjob, I give you some problem-solving for print files, Liiga takes us further into digital art, Ursula tells us how to get a sketch to a final working surface, Janet gives us more dirt on papers that are good for us, Annie takes us through part two of color theory, Marina goes into colors, metals and furs of heraldry, we've got a gallery of art, some wallpapers, reviews, and more than half a poem!

Remember to nominate your favorite articles, fiction and artwork by emailing your selections to editor AT emg-zine DOT com - you many nominate as many as you like, so don't worry about saving up your choices!
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