Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ellen dribbles in for a shot...

He's not dead, that's for sure... :P He has eaten three pretzels and a sip of pop and they haven't come right back up. He's still funny and now observing that the floor is gritty. Alright, so I haven't swept in a while. Ahem.

I'm downloading the entire site as emergency back-up, should I royally screw things up. (Who me? Never...) That'll take a little while; I should be working on contracts in the meantime, but instead I'm here, torturing hapless people on Livejournal with bad prose and play-by-play of my life. Haha!

I have added 97 new products to my CCNow database, bringing me to 786. I know some of those are defunct, however. I could delete them all and reupload everything via bulk upload, but I'm not sure I'm that brave. One thing at a time, grasshopper.

It occurs to me belatedly that I'm going to have to re-download the cgi files, as I've got auto mode on right now, and those things are picky about being in ASCII. Erf. No big loss. The product entries are all downloaded, we're into art now. Of site one. Yay.

This is less interesting than baseball...

We need more checking, fancy footwork and fights in the stands before Ellenupdatingwebpage becomes a national sport. Even if it does come with a great mascot. *ruffles Velcro*

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