Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Snippet Sunday

Rules: post an excerpt of your current work in progress!

This is from Jumping the Rails:

She was completely absorbed in her task when she heard the door to the Sensitive Files room creak, and she felt her nerves - already coiled tight from the events of the last tendays - escalate to genuine panic. It was careless of her to leave the door open behind her, and Ressa scolded herself silently. She looked around anxiously as she crept down the stepstool as quietly as she could, and picked up a heavy tome of filing procedure as her most likely weapon. Her heart thumped in her chest like the rhythmic sound of an oncoming railcar, and she struggled to keep her breath even and quiet as she padded to the end of the aisle. Her fingers clenched on the leather binding of the book, she went to confront whomever had followed her into the files room.

Before her nerve could fail her, she strode out, flourishing the book...
Tags: torn world, writing

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