Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
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On coloring books, on Donner, on Blitzen...

I love that period between Thanksgiving and Christmas where it's socially acceptable to like listening to Christmas music. I have a vintage 'Feliz Navidad' channel on Pandora that I've enjoyed listening to with Guppy (where Boy Band and Modern Country singer versions of anything have been thumbs-downed so fast they smoke and Elvis is actually welcome).

Working on a last LAST minute article for the last LAST EMG-Zine. Not sure I will make it in time. Definitely won't win NaNotWriMo this year - but I did make some progress. I got Railfashions finished and the next installment (Jumping the Rails), and plotted out the final three stories. I'm okay with that. Not sure what my word count ends up being. Maybe 10k total. That's a lot these days.

(Speaking of, Railfashions Part 4 is up now - don't read it until you have caught up on the rest of the Rails story!)

And, check out Cris' delicious portrait of Bai:

I have an interview up in Cruzines today! All about my art process, and where my energy comes from and such... I hope it entertains:


And, because it's been ages since I posted any, some cute baby photos:

Her 'that's not food' face.

9 months, one day.

She's always happy to see me in the morning!

Absurd baby is absurd...

That tongue!!

And, on coloring books. I have decided to give Dateline a test run. Basically one make-it-or-break-it chance to see how things go, with a NEW title of entirely my own work. I sat down and realized I was just one or two pieces from a new collection and rather than re-lay an existing title or deal with a new multi-artist collection, I'm going to go forward with that in the new format and... see what happens. Maybe 50 books will take less space than I fear. Maybe I'll like the larger format. Maybe we can work something out with colored cardstock covers printed in black.

What this means for existing titles: The jury is out. There are a whole PILE of maybes up there, and I'm not going to keep doing coloring books unless it's actually WORTH it to me. This may be the last year that ordering them is an option and I'm nearly out of several titles. Please note that briskness of sales of my remaining stock will GREATLY influence my future choices (how long the 50 copy minimum is going to sit around does matter a lot in the equation!). If you'd like to encourage the continuation of my coloring books, let people know about them and spread the word, please.
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