Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Holiday Wishlist

If you find wishlists tacky, carry on past this. But a few people have asked and I can NEVER think of anything when I'm on the spot. :)

Mostly silly little things that Ellen would love to get for Christmas:

*Toys for Elsa. Particularly handmade, wooden or recycled, or books; things that are safe for a destructive almost-toddler who has sharp little teeth and likes things with texture (she LOVES velcro. The fastener, not the cat, and specifically the scratchy side - she rips off her bibs just to chew on the stuff. And she does love Velcro the cat, too...) and things that make noise (rattles, chimes, crinkles or things to bang). We have a tropical fish theme going on in her room, but are not the type to stick to any theme too closely.

*Dryer balls! These wool balls supposedly cut down on drying time, reduce static and smell good. I'm DEEPLY skeptical, but they sound wonderful and I'd love to try them.

*Hot pads/pot holders. Ours are looking pretty old and ratty. They need to be pretty heat-proof, and handmade would be awesomepants. We aren't particularly coordinated about our kitchenware, but we do seem to have a Easter Island stone face theme going on. Also, lizards. Geek and humorous always go over well in this house. I want a good mitt, too, something REALLY heat-proof. The commercial ones seem to let my hands get hot though the fabric.

*Kitchen towels. We have good non-fuzzy dish-drying towels, but seem low on the plusher hand-drying (and other use) towels.

*Cards and art. :) Hard to go wrong! (I also need a 2013 calendar, on this topic - I'd love it to be artwork of one of my artist friends.)

*Lipgloss, soap or scent. I've never tried bpal stuff, but it sounds fun. I like fruity and spicy more than floral. No bath balls or salts - we only have a shower.

*Delicious salt-free spices and herbs. We're on a low-sodium diet and finding salt-free tasty things can be challenging. Jake likes extra hot things.

*Less healthy, but still craved - sweets! I love chocolate, especially dark, with or without things in it (nuts, berries, caramel, toffee), and a variety of other tasty things - Nerds, Skittles and Hot Tamales are among my favorites. Baked tasty things are equally good.

*Icons! I have no holiday icons, and I'd also love anything on the topic of: Star Trek (Next Gen), SG-1, Sketch Fest or drawing, writing, Torn World, coding, projects, parenting... stuff I talk about! You can use any of my artwork or photos, and you're welcome to share the icons beyond me. Funny is awesome.

*Heartwarming stories about paying it forward. Particularly if you go out and MAKE one.

My mailing address is:

Ellen Million Graphics
PO Box 82851
Fairbanks Alaska 99708

If you have a wishlist, post a link to it in my comments! I am also tempted to participate in holiday_wishes - I've filled one wish already (though it sort of counted as a wish for ME, too), but I'm just not sure how many more I'll have a chance to and I'd feel bad getting things if I don't have a chance to give a bunch. (You've seen my to-do list...)

In other news, smashingly busy. May have another coding gig to work on in my copious free time. Need to mail coloring books, art and cards. Coloring book drama will be a post of its own shortly...

Guppy is still working out that crawling thing. She's mostly getting on all fours and wailing because the forward motion is not working, interspersed with rolling and raspberries. Lots and lots of raspberries. Her newest tooth is firmly in, and she's quite a lot happier.
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