Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sketch Fest recap... (A leeeeeeengthy look at the Sketch Fest site, future improvements and such....


*Shopping cart did not charge the prompter price where applicable. I have fixed the error, but will need to go back through the existing orders and verify the correct pricing. I plan to write a script that will find the affected orders so I can do some refunds. A very *facepalm* moment. It did, at least, pay the artist appropriately, so I only have to adjust for the buyers.

*Very small items cost me money if bought individually through the shopping cart. It doesn't matter if someone spends credits, but for something that costs $3.50, if the artist donates 10%, I get $.35... and it costs me $.40 just to accept the $3.50 payment. Hrm. Sometimes, buyers would combine things in their cart, (which turns out fiscally fine), but I may have to put some limits on things - maybe require items under $4 to be paid with credits or allow someone to accumulate a site-local 'shopping cart' of products that they can pay with one 'swipe' at the end of Sketch Fest. That would simplify my efforts in getting things approved, too (a LOT). It would require that they be logged in. Still thinking here.

*Need to strip the / tags in the galleries.

*Need to update the following pages to show the new gallery script: artist pages, inspired, finished, prompts.

*Need to check and see that only claims are allowing after-SF uploads

*NEED to finish general security update. Waiting on other parties here.

*Need to improve the prompt-loading speed. It has to do with loading the tags and such. I have some thoughts on streamlining it... (and at least I was able to make a bare-bones version of the anonymous/newest viewing that was super speedy.) Booyeah. Still need to release it, but it's done!

Would like to add

*Sorting/filtering for different kinds of products.

*Show the 'rats!' message if something has been bought. Possibly show 'you already bought this!' if viewed by the person who bought it?

*hourglass icon on originals still being held.

*Categories/tags for artwork, and then browsing by these. Also, make nudity a filter here and remove it out of public view. We've got some young kids in the audience and participating.

*Make the artist names in the galleries their links.

*Artist list and art count. (I miss that from the old gallery page!)

*General artist page listing all artists who have ever participated alphabetically with just a sampling of their thumbnails (optionally just text?).

*Editing of products (if not sold yet).

*Managing of products (a list so you can see what you're offering at a glance). Maybe on your artist page, it actually LISTS the products available? Hmm.

*Editing of claims (if not claimed/uploaded to yet?)

*Show 'old prompts like this one.' IE: if the prompt is something that has been prompted in a previous fest, show the old prompts and their thumbnails, too. It's fun to see other interpretations.

*Some default options for uploading - a common product or two that an artist always offers, and/or a description that would show up with each piece, plus their preferred default donation.

*Some account preferences - save how you like your prompts sorted, maybe how many pieces of artwork you want to see per page. Also, how long products will be available before timing out. Also: view or hide items for sale, whether they'd like a hold for pieces done to their prompts (and what that hold should be! Ideally, products for items to their prompts would default to this hold, saving everyone hassle!)

*Releasing a hold?

*Watching or getting an alert when a hold expires.

*Time out products if you haven't logged in a certain amount of time.

*Comments tools - list comments you've received recently, plus comments you've left (and any replies they might have).

*Filter my admin page to view only the pieces of a specific artist. (Right now I see ALL of them. Which is confusing for managing my OWN art, actually.)

*Admin tools for buying end of things. (Right now, an artist only sees what they've sold, no one has the ability to see what they've bought! Okay, actually they can, but only in the lilypad, and only if they've bought with credits.) This won't show things you buy through the cart if you aren't logged in, but if you were, it will show you both credit and cart purchases - including pending purchases that haven't cleared yet - AND it will give you a link to buy something with in case there was a glitch and you weren't able to complete your purchase with the shopping cart! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestbought.php

*Admin tools for cashing out credits. (You could choose how many you want to cash out, and see for sure that I'd gotten the request, and also see when I sent payment, and it would automatically log everything for me.)

*Admin tools for me for calculating donations/earned coding hours. I had worked about an hour ahead of existing donations by the time Sketch Fest launched. I put several hours in over the weekend (during Sketch Fest), but suspect that donations coming in paid for that plus or minus an hour. My old calculating tools were based on the old product info, so I need to update them so I can give a more accurate reckoning. Interestingly, although I *think* we had more sales, the donations to Sketch Fest were less. I think people generally just defaulted to the 10% minimum, whereas with the old system, they would round up to something close, and usually we were closer to 20-25% on average. (If I were in it only for the money, I'd make the form default to some higher percentage and rely on the fact that people would regularly forget to change it to the lower percentage... but I'm not that scaly.) Straight donations were somewhat less this month too, which surprised me, given how visible all the new features and such were. I'm definitely not complaining - I do the work as I get paid for it, and this system works *really* well in terms of steadily improving the project, and letting me contribute to our household while doing something challenging and rewarding. As business models go, there are rarely more win-win situations.

*Auctions. I've got them all set up to roll out, except for the actual BIDDING script. I've pretty much figured out how to hold credits (a bid would remove credits from the bidder, but not give them to the artist, and being outbid would return those credits to the bidder immediately), and some of the checks I've got in place for single-item sales will transfer to the bidding procedure. (I was very heartened to see that the system for checking to see if a sale occurred worked nearly perfectly - in two cases, there were multiple attempts to buy within the same exact second - the first one passed, the next two failed and logged their errors, just as they should have!) And artists can rest assured that a bidder literally can't bid unless they've got the credits, and their bid is binding.

*Allow supporters to upload their prompts in advance. Got the PERFECT prompt but Sketch Fest is two weeks away? Log in and add it - it won't show up until the next Sketch Fest starts, but you won't be scratching your head when that moment finally rolls around.

In summary - lots I still want to do. But I'm really QUITE happy with the improvements, don't get me wrong. I think the new gallery is quite nice (though I miss being able to see ALL of them, I confess), and the new product tools rock my socks on several levels. I think a fun time was had, and I certainly found a great deal of inspiration.

I welcome your ideas and input! What did you love? What did you love less? What, from my list, do you covet the most? Have I missed anything??
Tags: coding, sketch fest

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