Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sketch Fest and post-Turkey Day

Feeling woooorn out right now.

Sketch Fest is off to a great start for the month. As is to be expected with changes this extensive, there were Problems of Various Kinds, and I think I have fixed most of them as they've popped up. There are still a few pages to catch up to the current features (like the inspired page, and artist pages, and the finished works page, plus building product editing tools), but for something so major, the hiccups were relatively little. The error tracking did JUST what it was supposed to. (For example, there were three purchases of a single piece in the same literal second, and it allowed the first one and logged as errors the next two! Horrah! It worked!) I got all my admin approval tools finished up in time, and instant buying via credits, so major pats on the back to me... I was really pretty sure I wouldn't finish those up!

Between all that troubleshooting and a teething baby, I haven't gotten any actual sketching in, though I have tagged a bunch of prompts. I would do some now, but uuuuugggggh. Can't get out of my chair to go downstairs and get my sketchbook. It's way too far. I think I will go to bed, instead. My eyes feel gritty. Tomorrow, perhaps?

I hope people are liking the new features!
Tags: coding, sketch fest

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