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All capitalist stuff. And one cute photo. And one story.

A reminder that I have cards for sale! I also have prints and originals available at my site, for you holiday shoppers.

Getting to within spitting distance of being done with the barebones of products at Sketch Fest. Uploading and setting them up works. Uploading in general is much improved. Products show on the (reorganized) art pages. Ordering by credit card works. It correctly removes quantities as they are bought. It correctly recognizes when products sell out and removes them. It notes when an artist puts in conflicting info and pulls those items offline. It logs errors. What doesn't work: Showing the artist their purchases (critical - works now!). Editing products (less critical). EMG Credit purchases (optional). Purchase approvals need automated (REALLY need this to save my sanity - done!). UGH! So much to do! This system will be awesome, but SO complex. Really straining to get it all done by Friday. This is a MONSTER update, guys. I'm sweating.

I have three Kickstarter campaigns you should see (all 3 are fully funded, but worth jumping in on, if you can!):

3 Jaguars Web Comic - a web comic about the business of fantasy art. I love the "3 Micahs" articles that haikujaguar has been doing, and this is her expansion of that.

Larry Elmore's 30 year artbook - An icon of fantasy art. This project has made some major stretch goals, and each package is now a SWEET, SWEET deal. (Take a tour of Larry's studio, if you live nearby, and go on a motorcycle ride with him!) Larry is an awesome guy - I was lucky enough to have dinner with him once (on my birthday!).

Dice rings! - Wear your D20! These just look like fun.

Guppy, practicing to be a superhero.

New story up! Railfashions Part 3 - Ressa and Bai play a duet...

Back to the coding mines.
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